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Shoe Horn ProGuide® Precision

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"It isn't often you can say 'Wow' about a shoe horn, but...Wow! This spring-top shoe horn with an extra long handle makes putting on my athletic shoes a cinch.The company, iGenio, provided simple instructions on its proper use, because, with it's extendable handle and its spring-loaded section, it works a bit differently from using a one-piece shoe horn. I especially recommend it to anyone with balance or reach issues." - Jeannie Ch.

"Was great to get into my shoes for the first time in weeks. I have a bad hip and it began to be difficult to put my shoes on but, using the Shoe Horn Pro, no problem at all. I would recommend this shoe horn to anyone who is currently having the same problem. I look forward to the Shoe Horn Pro for assisting after my hip replacement surgery in the coming weeks. I will be getting another Shoe Horn Pro when spring arrives to assist in putting on my golf shoes" - Larry B