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"This is the shoe horn for me"

"It isn't often you can say Wow about a shoe horn, but...Wow! This spring-top shoe horn with an extra long handle makes putting on my athletic shoes a cinch. The company, iGenio, provided simple instructions on its proper use, because, with it's extendable handle and its spring-loaded section, it works a bit differently from using a one-piece shoe horn. I especially recommend it to anyone with balance or reach issues."

Jeannie Ch. 19 Oct 2017


"Great Portable Shoe Horn"

"I have limited hip mobility, so I've needed a long shoehorn for decades. The plastic ones work fine at home, but don't fit in my desk drawers at work, and one or two have been broken after the TSA "repacked" my luggage on trips. Recently I injured my foot and had to take my shoes off at work. Since this shoe is so portable and fits in my desk drawer, I brought it in and was able to get my shoes off and save a lot of discomfort. It will also fit in the side pocket on my luggage, and survive the TSA. Looks like this is going to be a real footsaver."

Online Customer 21 July 2017


"Shoe Horn Pro excellent product"

"Was great to get into my shoes for the first in weeks. I have a bad hip and it began difficult to put my shoes on but using the shoe horn pro no problem at all. I would recommend this shoe horn to anyone who is currently having the same problem. I look forward to the shoe horn pro for assisting after my hip replacement surgery in the coming weeks. I will be getting another shoe horn pro when spring arrives to assist in putting on my golf shoes. 👍"

Larry Brittain 9 Nov 2017



"Solidly built telescopic shoe horn"

"I am usually in a rush so I have a bad habit of not untying my shoes when I take them off and then forcing my foot back into the tied shoe when I am going back out. This hurried habit creates wear and tear on the back part of my shoes and they usually end up looking like the back ends were chewed on by a large mastiff. This shoe horn alleviates the problem. I still do not have to untie my shoes because this sturdily built shoe horn allows me to slip them back on without damaging the backs. I also appreciate the extra long handle which allows me to stand straight when I put my shoes on. Have had for almost 3 months and overall I highly recommend this product to those who are in the market for a shoe horn."

K 23 June 2015


"At 68 I'm not the most agile"

"Did I need this, bought some shoes that were a struggle to put on but with the Shoe Horn Pro Comfort it was made easy. The telescoping spring loaded handle was just what this old guy needed to make life easy. You can't go wrong with this purchase."

Kirk B Farmer 21 Dec 2018


"Great Item"

"I **LOVE** this shoe horn! I have a bad hip that make it difficult to put on my shoes. It stretches long enough that I can put on my shoes without bending over. When pushed bake to its regular length, it's easily packable so I can take it with me. I highly recommend it."

Nancy F 29 Nov 2018



"The long and short of it..."

"This is a great little tool for those of us who want or need a little assist in putting on shoes. Not only does using a shoe horn in general help to keep the heels of the shoes from crushing, but also makes it easier for the foot to slide into place inside the shoe. I was using a standard, short shoe horn and had to keep bending almost to the floor to put on my shoes, but with this handy little tool, I can stand up straight and slip my feet into my shoes. I chose this particular horn because of the telescoping feature and because other reviewers rated it highly. I am 5'3" and when it's at its longest length, I don't need to bend at all to put on my shoes. When I'm finished, I push it back down to it's shortest length and it tucks away nicely on my closet shelf. I am delighted with this purchase!"

SS 23 Feb 2017


"Wow this is a shoe horn dream"

"As i am 84 yr. young and having been around the world many times thus wearing all sorts of called ( shoes ) and today i still needed a quick on and off shoe method as i no longer can bend down and slip my shoe on / off. Thus to my demanding needs i got this shoe horn which is wow wow for me never saw the ease of opening and closing for length wow for me who has seeing everything out there this was a true blessing for me. I sat down and followed the instructions ha ha and it worked if your old or young like me this is the best of the best for us and the sad part is ha ha my lady uses it also. Saw me slip on my shoes and stole my shoe horn ha ha ha. A very sincere thank you for pro precision premium extra long shoe horn thank you. Sal."

Salvatore g 8 May 2017


"Fantastic long shoe horn for travel"

"What an incredibly well designed travel shoe horn! It extends to 31 inches but folds down to 15 inches. The way it telescopes and locks in place is amazing (as is folding it back down).

The instructions that came with it are over the top - well written on high quality paper.

I have a Shoe Dini that I have used for years for travel, but it requires a large suitcase to fit in because it only folds down to about 21 inches."

Abbey Normal 22 March 2017



"Works great"

"I think most of us have at least a few shoe horns stuck out of sight out of mind in our homes. This is a product that I use all the time. It is light weight, inexpensive, and easy to use. I never shove this in a drawer where it will get lost."

Dan Maynard 3 Oct 2018


"Not your average shoe horn"

"It is adjustable and flexible. The horn part bends so it is easy to put on shoes standing up or sitting in a chair. It's better than a regular "fixed" shoe horn. Bought it for my husband who has back problems which makes it difficult for him to bend down. It comes with a little chain, which was important to have since we hang on a hook for easy accessibility."

Purple Pumpkin 23 July 2018


"Relieves back pain"

"I have a bad back. Using the shoe horn alleviates the need to bend over. So it reduces the pain in my back. I use the full length of 31 inches."

Roberta Thomas 20 Dec 2018